Graduate Projects

Light Following Autonomous Vehicle

A two-wheel drive robot that autonomously follows a point light source, designed for the graduate mechatronics course. The vehicle was developed on the Texas Instruments MSP432 micro-controller platform.

Undergraduate Projects

Georgia Tech Solar Racing

I was a member of Georgia Tech's Solar Powered Racecar Team for my entire undergraduate career. I worked in numerous mechanical design and fabrication roles as well as corporate relations and financial roles.

Piezoelectric Enabled Outdoor Floor System

Capstone Design project sponsored by the Energy and Sustainability Lab at the Georgia Tech Research Institute. The goal was the development of a flooring system that uses motions and footsteps to generate clean energy, and also has sensing capabilities for data collection and for human-computer interaction

Compressed Air Energy Storage Plant

A group project for the undergraduate Energy System Design and Analysis course. The goal was to design a compressed air energy storage plant using detailed thermodynamic and economic analysis.