Siemens Energy Inc.

Production Engineering Co-Op

My first experience in industry was as a Production Engineer at a Siemens Generator Component Manufacturing Plant. I spent two semesters studying all facets of production engineering; I designed parts, developed programs to boost production, and programmed CNC mills for maximum efficiency.

Much of my work was focused on optimizing the production experience for current employees of the plant. I developed a program that automated the ultrasonic testing of friction welds, something that has to be done numerous times a day. An operator would only have to choose the specification to test to (which varies upon the part), and the program would take a reading and determine if the weld was sufficient and create a report.

I also had various roles that improve the existing infrastructure in the plant. I created macros to automate the Leica T-Scan quality-check process; this reduced the time per part from 30 minutes to 20. I developed CAM code for the machining of rotor parts for multiple orders and designs that went through the plant. Finally, I designed tools and gauges to assist semi-automated tasks at the stator coil taping and through-bolt insulation stations.